Following in the vein of trying stuff out for free…

I read reviews religiously on before I buy a novel on my Kindle Fire. I would often see badges for Amazon Vine, for example, where people would receive what they call an Advanced Reading Copy (an ARC) or a “galley” for free in exchange for their honest review. Some were from the Amazon Vine Voice spe, which you can only get by meeting certain requirements, including reviewing a certain number (percentage) of your purchases, and/or getting enough “helpful” votes for your reviews. The others that I kept seeing were from a place called “Net Galley,” so I Googled it. (Yes, I know. “Googled” is not a word, and therefore not a verb. But I’m using it anyway!) ;)

I found They distribute e-books (for freeee!) directly from publishers before they’re released to the public. They do ask for your feedback, of course, but according to their website, you are not required to write a review in exchange for the books you read. In the feedback section, they ask for you to provide the link to your review on another site, like Amazon, or a blog. Even if you don’t submit an official review, they still have a text box where you can enter your thoughts on the novel. That way they still get some sort of feedback on their book.

You can enter in the genres that you love, and they’ll send you emails when new books in those genres are available. Then, you go to their website and request a copy when you see something you’re interested in. That way, you’re only reading books that you’d normally read. In my case, though, it’s turning out to expose me to novels that I probably never would’ve heard of that I’m loving! ;) That’s a plus in my book!

I LOVE to read. Like, love LOVE! I always wanted to just read books and write reviews, but up until a year or so ago, I lived out in the boonies, and did not have reliable internet. So for me, that dream was a no-go. Now, though, I’ve got all-day access to Wi-Fi, ample time for reading, and my Kindle is constantly being fed not only by me, but also by Net Galley! 

I feel pretty stinkin’ lucky right now. So - this is a fair warning - you will be seeing book reviews on this site from here on in. I’ll still be reviewing stuff I get from BzzAgent (once again, LOVE them!) and other things I deem worthy (whether that’s positively or negatively). 

You’ll be hearing more from me soon. In fact, my first book I’m digesting (and yes, I picked that word specifically. It’s one that you want to mull over and savor.) is called “The Book of Secrets” by Elizabeth Joy Arnold. It’s one of those I mentioned above, that I would probably never have found, if I hadn’t been offered it from Net Galley.

So you’re now officially a part of my new adventure. Jump in it with me! 

Whether you’re joining Net Galley right this second, or just coming along for the ride, I welcome you!

In fact, if you’ve read (or are reading) the same books as me, I LOVE discussing them, so please, feel free to comment! :)


    Stephanie is an avid reader, writer, video gamer, and daydreamer. A 26-year-old mother of three boys under 10, one massive 6-month-old puppy, and one 25-year-old husband-child. Recently mistaken as a all of them. Yikes! 


    May 2013