Oh, Smarterer, where have you been all my life? This former straight-A-student-turned-SAHM has missed this all-too-familiar high. Smarterer unleashes my caged inner-competitiveness. (I've been told it can be a little intense - hence the cage.) Question after question after question that proves how much you know, and publicly lets it show! ;) (I made that up. Lots of time on my hands for wordplay, dontchaknow?)

How improtant is it that I know a LOT about Facebook? Probably not so much in the real world, but it feels pretty darn special to me, the girl who counts the Tuesday-Thursday workouts as the highlights of her week. Well, that, and playing Zelda whenever I gosh-darn please! Anyhoo, I was introduced to Smarterer.com earlier this week by BzzAgent.com (my favorite place on the whole internet *at this second...it'll change in a jiffy*). See my BzzAgent post for more info on them and their deliciousness. Since being introduced, Smarterer and I have created a symbiotic relationship. It feeds my *secret* need to prove myself, and I feed its need for more and more info to help it feed other people's not-so-secret need to prove themselves. It's lovely, really. Smarterer periodically lets you update your quiz score via Facebook, Twitter, AND LinkedIn. That last one there surprised me. Interesting. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe it's time for another Smarterer fix. I'll figure out the new-fangled way to affix those there Smarterer badges to this here blog, and we'll continue on our way to out-Smarterering each other. Can YOU beat me? ;) I look forward to seeing you try!