PictureMe, all gussied up with the Stay Matte Mousse Foundation.
I received the Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation from a program by Rimmel London and Influenster for free, to try before it came out in stores. I tried liquid (and one mousse) foundations in the past, and was not a fan. I found mineral makeup several years ago, and have used that since. 
I noticed recently, that, as I'm nearing thirty, my skin is changing. I have combination skin - oily t-zone, and everywhere else is dry. I thought this foundation, being mousse (lighter than liquid), and a new formula might just be the ticket to me finding a new foundation that covers better. 

Conclusion: It DOES cover better than my mineral powder foundation. In fact, I got a LOT of compliments on how nice I looked when I wore it! 
I picked the lightest shade, light ivory, not remembering that I'm still carrying my late-summer tan. It was too light for me, but I was determined to try it, so I covered it with a light layer of my regular mineral powder, and blush, to make it less noticeable. (Nobody noticed!) ;)

I tried it on a cool day, in the fifties, and on a warm day, in the eighties,. (That's one week of Oklahoma weather for you!) It stayed on nicely on the cool day, but I was sweating on the warm day, and it was noticeable. It settled into my pores, making them stand out more (I do have large pores, to begin with), and wiped off easier than I would have liked. I suppose that's the fight with any liquid makeup, really.

I hated that it came in such a small package, but I came to realize - a little bit goes a long way! It says use a pea-size amount. USE A PEA SIZE AMOUNT! LoL! I cannot stress enough - start there, and you might only need that and a half. Maybe. ;)

At the end of my experiment, I agree that it is much lighter-feeling than a liquid, which I'm happy about, because I hate that 'mask' feeling. I didn't get that with the Stay Matte Mousse Foundation. 
I still don't like being able to feel that there's something on my face. I think I've ruined myself for liquid makeup, permanently, unless I have a day (or an event) where I need more coverage than that can really offer. Those are the days that I'll keep this around for. I probably won't buy any more after this is gone, but if I ever do, it will be mousse, and never liquid.